I’m back.

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Such a loooooooooooong time not writing anything here. Even worst , I already forgot my password. HAHAHA.

So, what’s up? How’s your life? Doing good?

My last post was on 2010 and now 2012 ! 2 years in hiatus!

So many things happen in these past 2 years. Lets see what is it…

1) Pertukaran status diri.

Fauzul got married , dah ada anak dah pun. Aimi engaged with Saadon. Cik Na and Azri engaged *another prove, CINTA PLATONIK DOESN’T EXIST! * .

and me? FOREVER ALONE . hahaha. Sesuai lah dengan moto blog nih kan “Single Make Simple ” . *takmo kalah*

2) Pertukaran status kerja.

2 years back , I’m a student . Now , staff at HP with 1 year experience. hahaha. Not bad tough.

3) Pertukaran bentuk badan.


4) Pertukaran kenderaan.

Now , Jiro has little brother. I called it Jiro Jr. Welcome to the family Jiro! I used the same name because I find ‘Jiro’ is very cute name. Come to mama, Jiro! hihihi 😀

5) Pertukaran alamat rumah.

Jenjenjeeeeeeeennnnnggggggggggg. To be continued……

You know what , usually people asking me “How’s you doing? “

I will reply “Doing good, nothing change , still the same.”


The truth is…

Nothing actually is the same. We do change. We do grow up. Either we realize it or not, but yes , we do change.

People we met yesterday might not the same as we meet today.

Best friend today might become enemy tomorrow.

Enemy can become a lover.

Thus , people…

How’s your life change for these past 2 years? Is it really the same?


p/s : Reading back my past entries , I kinda good writer does it? *puji diri sendiri* 😉


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