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Posted: June 16, 2009 in CS LiFE...

As I promised, for this post i’ll tell about my frendz. there are 3 of them… no la just make it 4… ghah, pojul, amy and the latest + the shortest aini… (huahua) (bukan name sebenar), which one first…thinking…ok. ghah..

ghah… i think she is the first person that i met as my coursemate (if i’m not mistaken lorr). she’s very super duper (whatever per lagi) kind person. sgt baek, eventhough sometime, aku rs die baek xbertempat, people take for granted towards her. kadang2 aku rs nak ajar die ilmu kejam tp nak wat camne die dah mmg baek. aku sakit ati bile tgk org dok suruh die buat itu, buat ini , rs cam nak jerit “ko ingat ko cantek?!” (ayat abg e’) “wat la sendiri” tp kadang2 nak mrh ghah gak, baek sgt (jenis xreti nak berkate “tidak” kat org)… satu lagi pe’el kawan ak ni, die ni degil sgt~~~ mmg hati keras cam batu la, xmo dgr ckp org (hehehe)..hurm.. what more.. last but not least, die ni “rajin” sgt mengemas bilik (huahua)

second.. who?? amy… my sister said she’s cute, but i dunno.. ( kembang la kalu die bc). She’s very advanced dr segi zahir mau pon batin (huahua), every single word that came out from your mouth, she capable to double meaning it (hahaha) i can say, she’s very happy go lucky person, easy to approach and little bit sexy (huahua) (its ok to be sexy sis, as long as you know the limit and you are so lucky coz has a brother that can guide you, but of course not your abg kerol lorr.. hehe)

third… pojul.. hurm… she’s very generous  among 5 of us (huahua, so then i’ll be d kedekut one lorr) die jenis yg xberkire psl duit, the best part is die akn lupe sape yg berhutang ngan die (huahua) . Seorg yg agak mudah moody (hehehe) tp kelemahan itu Allah tutup dgn sifatnya yg penyayang (sgt suke budak2, ok.. ak pon xphm) . akan tetapi, sekali hatinyer terluka, ia sukar untuk diubati (watch out!!) ha… hampir terlupe lak.. die sudah pon dimiliki oleh seorg jejaka yg bername sadiq (baek giler sadiq ni, pemurah.. aku bley ckp pojul bertuah dpt die ni.. yg penting setia) always pray the best for you guys.. harap selamat ke jinjang pelamin dan berkekalan hingga akhir hayat. amin…

ok.. last one… aini the sontot (huahua)… she’s very good in english (ayat die mmg power beb) hurm… hurm..dunno wat to talk meh.. she’s very supportive person, ape yg ak nmpk dan observe la…( die akan tolong amy dalam keje2 tekun n all that) die sgt excited sem lepas, coz first time dpt rumate (huahua) dan aini yg innocent sudah tinggal sejarah kerana rumate die yg advance..

i think, i’ll stop here (lunch time is over).. just would like to say, terima kasih kepda kawan2 ku kerana muncul dalam hidup seorg yg bername polaris, you guys complete me and let me know wat the friendship is. kenangan2 kte bersame akan jd ubat bile aku rs keseoragn.jika esok, Allah tarik nikmat nyawa yg diberikan pd aku, ingat lah polaris ini sentiase sayang korunk…


Posted: May 19, 2009 in CS LiFE...


Such a long time not post anything here… huhuhu.  Not very busy just don’t have any mood to write anything down. hurm… For this post, I would like to tell you the story about my last semester at APEX university (hahaha) . Just like another semester got “killer” assigments,  got cute lecturers but not very “cute” in giving assignment and marking paper (ooops I’m sory!!) and got 1 mini project. This semester, I lost two peoples that very important in my life, my grandma and my cousin (May Allah Bless You)

I think the though subject for last semester are algorithm and network security and monitoring.

hurm… actually network security and monitoring not vey tough subject but the lecturer make it very tough (heheeh) . Dr sures (bukan name sebenar) is the one that teach me this subject. Its a mixture of feeling during his lecture, he will point to you anytime and ask the killer question (eventhough sometimes its just easy questions but his face expression make it difficult to answer, hehehehe…) . Got a lot of assigments, no references books, no lectures notes, all are depend on yourself.

But somehow I proud to be his student, he teach me that there no easy way to success but its not so difficult, you deserve for what you effort in, give more get more. From his subject also, I get closer with my majormates because all of us feel the same way ,suffer!!!! Khin Cung, Yap, Amesh, Salwa, Cik Na, Alfin, Ammar and En Hadri  (all bukan nama sebenar) thankz because you make me feel that I’m not alone and always be my side to help me. thankz pal!!!

One more thing, because of dr sures also, I got oppurtunity to go to IMPACT (International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Terrorism) at Cyber Jaya. I also met our previous PM, Pak Lah and currently PM,  Pak Najib there, both of them sit infront of me (huhu). I’m the one that very excited to go there (dah lame xpegi rombongan kelas, teringat ms zaman kanak2)

Actually,there is a people that give me a strength to get through this mess, my beloved friends. When I think to give up, they will give me a strength to wake up.hurm, i think I will talk about them in my next post.

I would like to fullstop right now because my luch time is over(hehe). Last but not least, I want to wish Happy Birthday To Aini Hasanah for her birthday today (mak cik aini dah tua!!!). Harap tahun ni ko beroleh ketinggian (hahahahaha). may Allah bless you. harap apa saje yg ko lakukan akn beroleh kejayaan dan ko akn perolehi cinta yg ko harapkan (amin)

(p/s : sorry for my broken english)